New Equipment Increases Your Profits.
Gem Leasing Makes It Affordable TODAY.

Leasing Equipment Pays Off

Conserves Working Capital
Leasing saves your working capital while enabling you to acquire needed equipment. Your profits increase by using equipment now.

Tax Advantages
Lease payments can be structured to be fully tax-deductible. A full write-off over the life of your lease significantly reduces the real cost of your equipment.
Ask about 100% tax-deductible leases.

Cost Effective
Lease payments can be matched to the revenues from the use of your equipment. Leasing equipment provides an inflation hedge. Today's equipment is paid for with tomorrow's devalued dollars.

Preserves Credit Lines
Leasing keeps your other credit lines available so your capital is available when you need it. Ask about off-balance sheet financing.

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Ask a Gem Leasing representative how to take full advantage of the tax and cost savings of equipment leasing.

Advantages of
Gem Leasing

All Leases Are Lease-to-Own.

  • Equipment leases from $2,000 and up.
  • 100% financing on new or used equipment.

Personalized Service.

  • Open most Evenings and Saturdays.
  • Our financing professionals answer all of your questions.
  • Customized, flexible finance programs available, including 90-day deferred and seasonal payments.


  • Lease programs available to qualified new businesses.

Easy to Apply.

  • Quick & simple one-page application. Click here to download
  • No tax returns or financial statements on leases for most companies.
  • Prompt response, quick approval times.


  • Trade Shows or Auctions.

Gem Leasing Finances Nationwide.


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